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The Yorkshire Hypnotherapy Clinic
Pure Hypnoanalysis, Hypnotherapy, Hypno-Band registered practitioner and Thrive consultant. For the treatment of Obesity, Social Anxiety, Social Phobia, Weight Loss, Depression, Emetophobia / Emetaphobia, Panic Attacks, Phobias, Anxiety Disorders, OCD, Gambling addiction, Eating Disorders, Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating, Over-Eating, Shyness and Blushing, Public Speaking Confidence, IBS, Shy Bladder, Shyness and blushing, Self Harming, Stop smoking in 1 hour and much more, Free No-obligation consultations.

Clare Waterer D.Hyp MIAPH
Professional Hypnotherapist and Thrive consultant in Sudbury, Suffolk and the surrounding areas of Halstead, Braintree, Long Melford and Haverhill.

Cara Ostryn, Ruislip Dip.Hyp MIAPH Adv
Rickmansworth Hypnotherapy. Help with phobias, confidence, emetophobia, panic attacks, stop smoking, sexual problems and social anxiety serving clients in Harrow, Uxbridge, Hillingdon, Watford, Eastcote.

Pat Harland, Hereford Dip.Hyp MIAPH Adv

Ginny Foy, Fareham Dip.Hyp MIAPH Adv

Robert Kelly, Cambridge Dip.Hyp FIAPH

Richard Parsons, Cheltenham Dip.Hyp FIAPH

Julie Rowland, Wirral and Chester Dip.Hyp MIAPH Adv

Ruth Watson, Norfolk & Suffolk Dip.Hyp MIAPH Adv

Sue Wilson and Gary Foster Dip.Hyp MIAPH Adv



Ailsa Wright Dip.Hyp MIAPH Adv

Paul Lee Dip.Hyp IAPH Adv

Greg Coyne Dip.Hyp IAPH Adv

Andy Sharman Dip.Hyp IAPH Adv

John Hicks Dip.Hyp IAPH Adv

Noel Wilson Dip.Hyp IAPH Adv

Danny Nuttal Dip.Hyp IAPH Adv

Rita Smith Dip.Hyp IAPH Adv

Beaula Page Dip.Hyp IAPH Adv
Professional hypnotherapist and Thrive consultant in Battle East Sussex for effective help with anxiety, fears, phobias, weight control, confidence & self-esteem problems, stopping smoking, childrens problems and much more.

Vikki Heath Dip.Hyp MIAPH Adv

Tracey Snook

Claire Gaskell Therapy Centre
Professional hypnotherapy in west London helping people stop smoking, lose weight, overcome anxiety issues, phobias and depression

Matt Smale

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