Treating children’s problems with hypnosis and hypnotherapy in Herne Bay.

Herne Bay hypnotherapy clinic covers: Faversham, Chestfield, Margate, Ramsgate, Canterbury, Whitstable and Broadstairs.

Diane can help with: school phobia, anxiety, bed wetting and irrational fears in children.

As children we find it harder to deal with emotions; we learn and experience things for the first time. Now, all these experiences produce very intense emotions although the more we experience them the less intense they become.

In order to help cope with these emotions, rather them deal with them in the way an adult does, children have a safety mechanism which makes them bottle them up. We assume that children are more resilient than adults when faced with serious emotional issues, but the fact is that we can deal with our emotions as an adult in a way that a child simply can’t, hence it’s locked away, bottled up.

However, that emotion is still there and can affect the child both in childhood and in their adult life and it will affect them sub-consciously one way or another, producing all manner of symptoms, for example, wetting the bed, breathing problems, phobias (e.g. fear of dogs), aggression, depression, bad behaviour, to name but a few – all these symptoms are an expression of this inner conflict caused by the bottled up emotion.

By using hypnotherapy, we can use a technique known as the ‘blow-away’; it does what it says on the tin! Under hypnosis, the child is encouraged to think about several emotions, then they are asked to think of a specific time when they felt that particular emotion which they then blow away (and most children are enthusiastic about blowing away these emotions, they participate very well). When they’ve finished with that particular emotion, we go on to the next one until they feel they are all gone. After that, they are given positive suggestions to help them get on with their lives, make them feel so much better by helping to rid them of their symptoms.

Analytical therapy (talking) would not be suitable for a child under the age of sixteen, but because of their age, their anguish is nearer the surface and easier to eliminate than it is for an adult.

Children can only be treated in the presence of an adult, preferably both parents (although sometimes that’s not possible) and those adults also take part in the session.

It is important to remember that after the session all parties involved must promise not to discuss what each of them thought about. That means that they can feel confident that whatever came up in their thoughts during the session remain private and confidential – anyway, it’s all now blown away – done and dealt with.

Diane is also CRB checked.

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