The non-surgical gastricband (HYPNOBAND)

Clients often turn to hypnosis as a last resort when they’ve tried many other ‘dieting’ techniques over the years. In probably 95% of the cases the dieter will have regained their original weight and, as often occurs in these cases, even more on top!

If a client is dramatically overweight, say, more than 2 stones heavier than is healthy, then the practice of general suggestion therapy will not be very effective. In fact it will probably give the client the same incentive as if they were to join a slimming club. They will have the initial commitment to go on, particularly when they lose a lot in the beginning, which frequently happens, but, when they slow down or hit a plateau, all their resolve disappears and they return to their old unhealthy eating patterns; most likely comfort eating, etc.

In circumstances where a client shows that they can be completely motivated then a non-surgical gastric band (HYPNOBAND) could be used. The client is induced into hypnosis and the subconscious mind is being ‘told’ that the client is having a gastric band fitted. This is something which has been tried over a number of years but has now been greatly improved; it gets the client in the frame of mind that they are indeed having this surgery.

This is a really simple technique. Obviously there will be none of the pitfalls of the actual surgery, for example nausea/vomiting, bowel complications, reflux, band slippage to name but a few, not to mention post-operative infections.

One client described it perfectly; ‘I’m an intelligent person and I know I haven’t had an operation, but my stomach thinks it has!’

Some people overeat as a ‘reward’ (like when you were a child you would get sweets if you were good), others do it because they are bored, need to do something with their hands. This is much like smokers, the habit of ‘hand to mouth’. It’s a habit they learned and they can certainly unlearn it!

They will also be ‘encouraged’ to take up some form of exercise, gentle at first, leading to an amount of exercise suitable for them and which, more importantly, they are likely to maintain after the therapy has concluded.

The Hypnoband is a system using hypnosis which will induce the client into believing they have had an operation; this deals with the initial consultation, chatting to the doctors/anaesthetists, nurses, having the procedure fully explained to them and then the ‘surgery’. They will then have a session dealing with post-op matters. Maybe they feel the band is too tight (it’s amazing how the mind works), maybe it’s too loose and they feel it would work better if it was tightened, etc. The imagination is incredibly powerful.

Important note: As with any operation or therapeutic procedure success cannot be guaranteed, but many clients have lost large amounts of weight by receiving hypnotic suggestions that a gastric band has been fitted. You will still need to put effort into it, in the same way as a clinical operation. You will get out of it what you put into it, and this will mean eating less, which would obviously result in a steady weight loss!

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