Vaginismus treatment in Kent

Vaginismus is an involuntary contraction of muscles around the opening of the vagina that makes sexual intercourse painful or impossible. It can be either psychosomatic or physiological.

It could result from a woman’s unconscious desire to avoid penetrative sex. There are lots of reasons why women don’t want to engage in intercourse, for example fear pregnancy, or simply losing control.

Sometimes vaginismus is caused by a physical disorder, such as a pelvic infection or injuries in the vaginal opening maybe resulting from childbirth, or surgery.

Some women experience irritation from the latex in condoms, which could also lead to vaginismus.

In extreme cases, some women may need an anaesthetic when a doctor performs a pelvic examination. They also experience too much pain to insert a tampon.

Before any form of therapy can be considered, the sufferer must have seen their GP to eliminate any physiological causes. Then and only then can we consider which form of therapy or training is appropriate.

Generally speaking, THRIVE can treat this condition successfully.

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