Treatment for frigidity

Frigidity is an inhibited sexual desire; it refers to a low level of sexual desire and interest which manifests itself by a failure to initiate or be responsive to a partner’s initiation of sexual activity.

It may be that the person has never felt much in the way of sexual desire or interest, or that they used to but they no longer have interest.

For some woman this may occur after childbirth, particularly if it was a difficult birth.

In extreme cases the person finds sex repulsive and distasteful.

In some instances challenging the person’s thinking by using the Changing Limiting Beliefs training (THRIVE) could result in a change of attitude.

For others it could be a deep-rooted problem, which is where Pure Hypnoanalysis (analytical therapy) would prove invaluable as a way of discovering the problem and disposing of it completely. The person would then undoubtedly have a new lease of life!

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