Treatment for Depressive feelings

Depressive feelings are often associated with feeling sad for no reason, or having no motivation to do anything. These symptoms can be mild to very severe.

“Down in the dumps” is a common expression: the sufferer may feel tired, sad, irritable, lazy,unmotivated, and apathetic.

Clinical depression is generally acknowledged to be more serious than normal depressed feelings. It often leads to constant negative thinking and sometimes substance abuse. It is a state of intense sadness, melancholia or despair, that has advanced to the point of being disruptive to an individual’s social functioning and/or activities of daily living.

One of the more serious forms of clinical depression is bi-polar (manic depression), where the person is on a high one moment and deep despair in the next.

In most instances, doctors prescribe medication in the hope that it will ease symptoms of depression but sometimes it doesn’t help much and the sufferer is at a loss to know where to turn next.

The most obvious answer is ‘Can the sufferer help themselves to be rid of this unpleasant condition?’

Well, the THRIVE programme can be a very effective form of relief for depressive feelings.

Thrive will challenge the individual to change the way they think (this would seem unthinkable to start with) but it is extremely effective in changing the beliefs that they cling on to, helping them to understand that, with effort, they can face their problems and deal with them. They will likely have a high external locus of control (a feeling of powerlessness), their self-esteem is likely to be very low (not good enough) and high social anxiety (fear of being judged). Thrive aims to show them how to build a good strong internal locus of control (to feel empowered) and to build their self-esteem and rid themselves of social anxiety.


Below is just one example of how successful this treatment can be. This is a genuine testimonial from Catherine. Indeed all the testimonials on this website are genuine.

‘Diane creates such a warm and relaxing environment which makes you feel at ease even if you are feeling anxious. Diane’s broad knowledge and years of experience meant that I could immediately begin the most appropriate treatment for my symptoms. I knew I could trust her 100%.

I undertook 6 weeks of PHA (**) and then 6 weeks of CLB(*). I was suffering from anxiety and frequent hot flushes. I had been battling depressions since I was 14 years old.

I had tried many other therapies including CBT, all of which did not help long term…the PHA showed how much ‘rubbish’ I had hoarded away and not dealt with … releasing these worries made me feel lighter and like I could now move on. CLB was such an eye-opener in that I never realised how badly I viewed myself, although I’m 26 and earned a Phd.

…The impact on my life has been dramatic; I am kinder to myself, which is so great …. I am in control of my own life! I am more productive in my job, accept challenges I would normally have avoided, and my permanent grey cloud (as it felt before I started) has gone … most likely now for good.

For anyone who is feeling stuck, powerless, anxious and doesn’t know where to turn next I would highly recommend seeing Diane and trying PHA and/or CLB


‘…my attitude to myself has changed so much and my confidence is growing day by day. Thank you so much for showing me the tools I needed to get myself back on track. ….I hope you are well, Diane, and that you forever continue to help people like you did with me.’

(*) NOW REBRANDED AS ‘THRIVE’. Thrive is the result of evidence based research and long term studies.

(**) PHA is pure hypnoanalysis. This is no longer practised, although very effective it does not now come under the strict guidelines for evidence based therapy.

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