Treatment for compulsions

Compulsions are an irrational need to perform some action though often risking negative consequences; it’s like an irresistible urge to do something.

A typical example of a “compulsive” person is a smoker – theirs is a compulsive oral habit.

Likewise, obese people compulsively over-eat, most of the time without realising why they do it; for example “comfort eating”.

These are all classed as compulsive activities. When the person tries to stop the compulsive habit without help, they often feel that something is missing but can’t quite figure out what, hence they return to the compulsive habit.

After a thorough initial consultation it would be decided which is the best course of action; it may be THRIVE and/or Pure Hypnoanalysis (analytical therapy) that would be recommended as treatment for compulsive behaviour, whereby the deep-rooted cause of the problem could be identified and dealt with; this is a complaint where control is one of the issues.

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