Thumb sucking treatment

Thumb sucking is a typical compulsive habit.

It commonly occurs in children and doesn’t usually continue beyond the ages of four to five. They tend to suck their thumbs (or fingers) when they are tired, very often accompanied by a “comfort blanket”.

It does not cause permanent problems with teeth under the age of five, although it can cause dental problems if the child is older, for example crooked teeth and a malformed palate as a result of the pressure applied by the thumb on the teeth and the roof of the mouth.

This could also lead to speech defects in more severe cases.

The blow-away technique could help children who are older, as it’s more likely to be an emotional problem which is causing them to continue sucking their thumb, as they turn to it for comfort.

When an adult is still sucking their thumb, then there are deep rooted emotional reasons for this, which can successfully be treated with Pure Hypnoanalysis (analytical therapy).

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