Stress treatment

Stress is used to label a very large number of symptoms. It ranges from someone feeling “stressed out” for actual situations, to someone who is permanently stressed for reasons unknown to themselves. These people will be running on “red”; imagine a stress meter where you have green/blue/RED. Green is relaxed; blue is a bit stressed but RED is very stressed. Now with someone suffering from stress, they are likely to spend most of their time in the RED area which is not sustainable without dramatic side effects (symptoms).

If you are operating in the “laid back” green zone, you’ve got lots of leeway to go up and down in stressful situations and deal with it adequately; if you’re in the blue/”middling”, then you’ve not got so much leeway … however, if you are in the “high stress”/RED area then you are permanently stressed, boiling over and this brings with it all kinds of problems. Your immune system will not be running so efficiently, leaving the sufferer vulnerable to many psychosomatic symptoms.

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