Overcoming gambling addiction

Gambling or risk taking involves escaping from reality. The gambler cannot see the reality of what’s happening. It is not only the actual risk, but everything that leads up to that risk; they believe that the next one which will put everything right for them. But of course the next one never satisfies them.

The consequences of a gambling ‘addiction’ are enormous. Gamblers will go to any lengths to pay for their “risks”. They re-mortgage their homes; borrow money from undesirable sources, leaving themselves vulnerable to loan sharks and the like. In extreme cases they even turn to theft. Nevertheless, they still have the enduring belief that it will all be all right in the end.

In spite of all this, the subject suffers high levels of guilt, shame and remorse, by taking yet more risks. But commonsense does not prevail; they feel powerless to find a solution without help, thus creating more chaos.

Although this has the label “addiction” it is not an addiction in the true sense of the word, it is a compulsive habit, brought about by high unrealistic expectations of the BIG win, which rarely materialises.

It often starts with a couple of wins, by which time they’re hooked. From then on it’s usually a downward slope with often catastrophic consequences for themselves and their families.

The gambler will be suffering from a distorted thought pattern, which they feel powerless to change.

THRIVE can be enormously effective in helping them to re-evaluate their whole thinking process, to understand what it is that makes them tick and then helping them to overcome their problem.

Pure Hypnoanalysis (analytical therapy) is also a highly effective treatment, restoring people to normal functioning.

After the Initial Consultation the client would be assessed as to how best to proceed.

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