OCD treatment

The phrase “obsessive-compulsive” describes someone who repeatedly performs an action; for example excessive hand-wringing and hand-washing.

It has been widely reported that David Beckham suffers from OCD, in that he must have tins facing the right way at the right angle, etc.

There are other extremes of the disorder which make the sufferer’s life a misery, likewise for those around them, particularly close family.

Howard Hughes was a famous sufferer to a highly exaggerated degree. He refused to cut his nails; as he walked someone had to lay down tissue on the floor so that his feet didn’t come into contact with the floor.

Some OCD sufferers live in filth because they cannot bear to get their hands dirty cleaning after themselves; they don’t seem to notice that they live in the squalid conditions. On the reverse side, there are those who obsessively clean all the time, they can have nothing out of order, everything has to be meticulously in order at all times.

Other sufferers keep checking, double-checking and treble-checking and then even go back again just to make sure!

It’s a very debilitating complaint and in more serious cases can cause rifts in families.

A thorough consultation would be conducted to investigate which course of action would be recommended as treatment for OCD whereby the deep-rooted cause of the problem could be identified and dealt with; this is a complaint where control is one of the issues.

Because of the obsessive nature of OCD sufferers, THRIVE training would be suggested as the most successful method of dealing with the this condition.

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