Claustrophobia is an anxiety disorder; the sufferer has an irrational fear of having no escape or being closed-in. It frequently results in panic attack and can be triggered by certain stimuli or situations, such as being in a crowded lift, a room without windows, or sitting in an airplane. Some people may even experience claustrophobia when wearing tight-necked clothing.

The word claustrophobia originates from Latin claustrum which means “a shut in place” and Greek phobos, which means “fear”. Research has shown that approximately 6% of people suffer the disorder worldwide, but the majority are not receiving treatment for it.

People with claustrophobia can find the disorder hard to live with, as they will go to great lengths to avoid small spaces and situations that trigger their panic and anxiety. They will avoid certain places like the underground and will prefer to take the stairs over using a lift no matter how many floors they need to ascend/descend.

This condition results in the sufferer feeling powerless, unable to help themselves.

In my experience, the Thrive training programme has proved to be a great source of help, getting the sufferer to manage their thinking, thereby empowering them and enabling them to deal with the phobia.

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