Bedwetting (paruresis / noctural enuresis)

Bed-wetting is not uncommon and many hundreds of thousands of children aged between six years and sixteen wet the bed.

“Nocturnal enuresis” is the medical term for bed-wetting.

Sometimes a child will start to wet the bed after a lengthy period of dryness (secondary enuresis).

There can be many reasons why bed-wetting occurs; for example it could be that an older member of the family used to wet the bed, and the child has simply inherited the tendency, or it might be that a child starts to wet the bed during times of worry or stress.

No blame should be attached to bed-wetting accidents. It is important that the child is not made to feel it is their fault.

Naturally, it’s of great concern to a child that their bed-wetting will be made public which means sleepovers or school trips are a particular concern.

For children under the age of 16 see treatment for children.

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