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I have put this on my ‘weight’ page, but this is worthy of a blog too.

Progress of Jill consulting for weight loss and undertaking the Hypnoband programme

Jill first consulted on 1 July 2014, weighing in at 20st.0lb.  She is 5’2” tall.  She was weighed on this first session.  She went through the Hypnoband programme and it was arranged that she would attend on 25 August 2014 for her fifth session.  She weighed in at 18st, having lost an astonishing 2st.

With this programme I offer subsequent free monthly sessions to give support and for the client to be weighed and to follow their progress.

This is Jill’s progress:

23 September 2014: 17st (loss of a further stone).

21 October 2014: 16st.2lb (loss of a further 12lb)

25 November 2014: 15st.4lb (loss of a further 12lb)

It’s worth noting that during November, Jill went on an all-inclusive holiday, enjoyed her food and drink and yet still maintained her new eating habits.  She has a right to be proud of her achievement because, with any kind of weight loss, one has to put in the effort, albeit Hypnoband or the actual surgical procedure.

Many of my clients have lost weight going through this programme but Jill has been exceptional in the amounts of weight she has shifted in that space of time.

There is no rigid eating plan, there is no ‘dieting’ (always doomed to failure), it is simply acknowledging the change of lifestyle that is required, along with the belief that she has a gastric band fitted.

Well done Jill

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