Simon C

I came to Diane with a problem with blushing. This has caused me quite some distress for a number of years. The thought of meetings and worse still presentations scared the life out of me. Which I could never understand as I am not by any means a timid person. I clearly needed some help from somewhere, and so went to Diane.

In the beginning I must admit whilst I wanted to be helped I didn’t really believe it would work, as I had already tried several hypnotherapists over the years with no success.

Right from the start Diane mentioned that she wouldn’t help me but I would help myself (with the thrive method). She also said she would challenge me in the coming weeks, and that I would have to put some work and time in. Lastly Diane said it could be cured within a number of weeks not months. Again all this just didn’t sound realistic, but I was desperate for a cure and so put my faith in Diane and the method and persevered.

After finishing the course, what can I say, well I can start by saying that everything Diane said was true, i.e. I had to work at this myself, I was challenged, and it didn’t last months but only weeks. As for the results, well let me just say as a direct result of this I gained the confidence and ability to obtain a very senior management position in which public speaking and meetings are a daily part of my work life. It is truly quite quite incredible where I have come from on this journey and because of Diane and Thrive I am now able to live my live to my full potential.

Lastly I would also comment that the skills from Thrive are practical skills that you can use over and over, as even now I have days where my confidence dips (we are all human after all), but I can call on practical exercises to quickly sort this out.

A sincere big thank you to Diane, you are doing something very kind and enabling for many people in this life, you should feel very good about yourself 🙂

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