Just wanted to let you know that my presentation went exceedingly well – so much better than I could have possibly imagined, in fact! Whilst I felt completely calm when I left my session with you I was certain that I would at least feel a little bit anxious in the run up to my talk, but I was wrong. I felt relaxed and in control, and did not experience any of the physical symptoms (e.g. racing heart, nausea) that even the thought of presenting would arouse.

I spoke clearly and concisely for over 20 minutes, and successfully conveyed all the required information – and more – without any pauses, stuttering or backtracking! The audience remained engaged throughout and, in contrast to the previous presenter, I received a round of applause! I still find it hard to believe that it was actually me standing in front of all those people and presenting so well.

My fears of presenting have completely gone and I am now looking forward to my next talk, which should be in about three weeks’ time. I never thought that it would be possible to completely rid myself of this anxiety – the most I had hoped for was to be able to stand up and talk without throwing up or passing out, but you have helped me achieve so much more. None of this would have been possible without you so thank you, thank you, thank you!

I have already recommended you to one of my colleagues and will not hesitate to get in touch for another session if a different anxiety gets in my way.

Thank you once again, you are a real life changer!

Email from a client who dreaded public speaking.

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