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Posted on September 16, 2021


£50 reduction … fee now £125 until the end of October 2021

I have successfully worked with many, many clients since 2006 with either hypnotherapy, where appropriate, or psychotherapy for clients who need to learn how to change their thinking… their unhelpful thinking.

For some clients it will be phobias that have ruled their lives, for others it could be anxiety, over-thinking; there’s also a situation where the client’s low self-esteem and high social anxiety rule their lives, they harshly judge themselves, they fear being judged by others.

My aim is to help you change your thinking and learn to understand what makes you ‘tick’. I help you realise that your unhelpful thinking isn’t set in stone, it can change. We challenge your thinking, we work together and I help you to achieve a more fulfilling life.

Nobody is born with phobias, anxiety etc, it’s all learned behaviour and in a few short weeks you can learn how to change that unhelpful behaviour into a more positive outlook on life, know that any past problems, however challenging, need not cause your future to be bleak.

I can help you to become more empowered, to enjoy the freedom from negativity, anxiety, phobias etc. which may have hampered your wellbeing.

I offer a free consultation in order that all your concerns are discussed with no commitment on your part to proceed if you feel unsure it’s for you.

Please call 07914 399266 to book

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Diane Muller Dip.Hyp (Accr) MIAEBP (Adv.)

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