It’s not all in the past!

Posted on November 20, 2014

Dealing with the past, we don’t have a videotape of events in our brain.  Memory is a reconstruction. We piece together different bits of information when we recall events.  This involves lots of neural networks in different areas of the brain to be activated.

Our memory is like a jigsaw puzzle and sometimes we can distort, alter or add certain parts when the memory is being constructed.  Add into this a person’s emotional experience of the event then it could make it quite different to when the event originally occurred.  Lots of factors affect the way in which we piece together a puzzle and how we experience a recalled event; a person’s beliefs and expectations affect recall.

Sometimes these recalls appear to be experienced negatively, making them more severe and debilitating than they really were.

(Extract from Rob Kelly IT’S NOT ALL IN THE PAST)

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