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Posted on April 5, 2015

I first met Diane in early March, 2011. I have to say I was mildly sceptical but certainly keen to give hypnotherapy a try as I had been “yoyo” dieting since my teens.

Having reached my 64th birthday and realised that if I did not actually sort out my problem urgently, I was very likely to develop Diabetes soon as this had run in several generations of my mother’s family. It was really “when” rather than “if” by this time.

I was also fed up with feeling overweight, and mildly depressed by the fact that my endless efforts, over many years, would pay off for a while, then on the weight would go again! I blame absolutely no-one but myself for this. I had a wonderful childhood, a happy working life (I still work), 3 great children and nothing to complain about.

I went for my initial session on 10 March, and started the hypnotherapy a few days after that. At that point I weighed just over 13 stone (I am ashamed to say!). Diane was not only professional, but extremely positive and kind.

I flew home in my car after the first proper session; I listened to the preparatory CD and then had the “gastric band” hypnotherapy shortly after this.

All I can say is, it is now late July and I am heading fast towards my goal weight of 10 stone. It has been so positive, and in a way, so simple. The odd block of chocolate has passed my lips, but otherwise I have concentrated on stir-frys when the weather is
cold and salad when it is warm, with a low-calorie lollie or yoghurt as “pud”. If I feel hungry in between I have a couple of Ryvita “thins” and a cup of something with them.

A favourite, instant cappucino is my “treat” of the day, with probably too much chocolate powder on top. The weight still continues to fall off on a weekly basis.

It has not, surprisingly, been too hard work. I ride my exercise bike every morning when I get up, and as a result of the fat-loss and the exercise, I feel so much better, fitter and more presentable.

Diane has seen me every few weeks to weigh me, and continue with the encouragement that I count on from her. I still listen to the CD once or twice a week, as apart from anything else it is good to sit down, listen to the CD and really relax after a hard day at work.

My attitude to food seems to have changed totally; Yes, I can have a bit of chocolate, Yes I can have a small piece of a delicious pudding at family lunch – I no longer feel guilty, or feel the need to starve myself, and then binge on chocolate.
I don’t seem to want to eat cheese at all either!

I just feel so proud of my efforts and am determined to keep up the good work, and maintain my weight at goal. I know Diane is at the end of the phone if I need her, at any time. The support she has given me over the weeks and months has been fantastic.

3 stone is probably not a massive amount of weight to lose, but for those perhaps a little larger – try hypnotherapy and see what it does for you.

My ongoing plan is to give up smoking, with Diane’s help.

All I can do, really, to thank Diane is to recommend her to you. You will not regret it, I promise.

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