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Posted on April 5, 2015

Seeing as its now two weeks since I came to see you I thought I would give you an update on my progress.The good news is that I have not smoked since I came to see you, which if I can be honest I am amazed at.

The reason why is that, as I am sure like many people, I was slightly sceptical of hypnosis actually working. Having been once before several years ago with no success I was slightly worried that it was not going to work again. After having tried several times using nicotine patches and gums with little success and I was becoming anxious to find a miracle cure to stop smoking.

Well thanks to you I have stopped smoking. Like you said there’s no miracle cure but hypnosis makes it a lot easier to stop smoking with no other aids. I have never stopped smoking without a patch or a gum as the cravings were always too much.

Although at the moment I still crave a cigarette I can manage these cravings a lot easier and move on with my day. Previously as crazy as it seems I would be bouncing of the walls almost crying for a cigarette.

Thanks again Diane it feels great not to be a smoker.

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