Debbie P

Posted on April 5, 2015

It’s three weeks now since I saw you, so I thought I would let you know how things were going so far. I consulted you regarding blushing. It hasn’t gone completely but it definitely is less of a problem now. I feel much more at ease and am far more comfortable with myself. I am not constantly thinking about what other people think about me and am surprising myself with how confident I am feeling. I am enjoying being me!

The thoughts of blushing are no longer at the forefront of my mind and I can dismiss them more easily now, I am getting better and I am hopeful that things will continue to keep improving.

I know that I am a different person to the one that first came to see you. I have come such a long way and if I can stay in the frame of mind that I am in now, things can only continue to get even better.

I am carrying on with the dream technique too, I do seem to be getting the hang of it now, so hopefully that will continue to help me.

So…thank you so much; thank you for your patience with me, I know I wasn’t easy and I know that you must have been as frustrated with me as I was with myself. Thank you not giving up; to be honest, I am really surprised that you didn’t. I don’t think many hypnotherapists would have persevered for so long and I feel very fortunate that of all the people I could have picked…I chose you. I really do appreciate all that you have done for me.

Later email:
I am really enjoying my job, it’s good fun and I feel that I fit in, this is something else that I’ve noticed that has improved over recent months; I don’t feel like an outsider anymore. It’s great!

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