Annie R

Posted on December 10, 2016

I am a showjumper, and I had a big problem, mainly with my nerves, but also, I was a perfectionist . This affected me quite bad, when I’d jump I’d try to make my mum proud, if something went wrong I would start to get nervous. This would then turn to fear, which then turned to anger & it all got mixed into one, this I could not control.

I came to Diane earlier this year (2016) originally for hypnosis, but she mentioned that she thought Thrive would help more. I really wasn’t sure whether this would work or not, but I needed help to understand how to control my emotions. When It started even after a few sessions I began to understand myself more and more. I did this for 6 weeks. In that short time, I understood how to control my anger, fear, anxiety, everything!

After completing Thrive, my competing instantly changed, instead of being nervous I would be excited. If something went wrong I wouldn’t take it to heart. I don’t try as hard to make my mum proud, I already know I’m doing her proud! (She was always proud no matter what I was just being silly!) This is a truly amazing program to start and I would advise so so many people to try this! It hasn’t just helped me with my showjumping but in general life, I am happier, people around me are happier, Diane has changed my life for the better! She is an amazing genuine down to earth lady! Without her help I would still be in a bad place with my riding.

Just to say thank you for all your help!

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