Canterbury Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy – at the Herne Bay Hypnotherapy Clinic

Phobias, fears, weight-loss, anxiety and social phobia treatments.

The word ‘hypnosis’ emanates from the Greek word ‘hypnos’; which, literally translated, means sleep.

When a person is ‘under’; hypnosis (what some term as a ‘trance) they are simply in a very, very relaxed state whilst, at the same time, absolutely aware of everything that is going on.

They are not transported to another planet while the therapist puts all sorts of suggestions into the person’s mind, far from it; you would not do things or act out things that your intellectual mind wouldn’t allow. We most certainly don’t get you walking around the consulting room clucking like a chicken!

Therapists use hypnosis purely for therapeutic purposes. Whilst the client is in such a relaxed state, their sub-conscious finds it easier to accept beneficial suggestions. In no way is the client being controlled or manipulated.

“There is no mystique, no hocus pocus; on the contrary it is a very pleasant and relaxing experience. You’ve probably experienced that feeling when you are ‘miles away’: sometimes you may have been merrily driving along and when you get to your destination you can’t remember the journey. Well, that is exactly what hypnosis is like.”

Canterbury is only 8 miles from the Herne Bay Hypnotherapy Clinic – and many of Diane’s clients come from Canterbury (and surrounding towns) to see her. Rest assured, you will receive the very best treatment available – please call now for a free initial consultation.

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy is the most effective treatment for many common symptoms: weight-loss, phobias and fears, anxiety, depression, lack of confidence, stopping smoking etc – please visit my symptoms page for more information

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